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The Cavalry is ready to go

(It is also a collective of veteran previs artists and visual story designers.)

Our team of skilled directors, producers, supervisors, previs/postvis gang bosses, animators, editors and concept designers is led by Dan St. Pierre and Gavin Wright.  We work tirelessly to tailor each uniquely intricate production with the right artists for the mission.  We also like to have fun, meet new people and take them out for a drink to celebrate a job well done.

Our work has helped to budget, plan and execute some of the most complicated action scenes created in the last decade of films, commercials and music videos.

Supervisor Reels

The Cavalry was founded to harness the collaborative talents of an incredibly skilled and veteran team of beautiful, creative wylld stallyns. You can feed and pet them but try not to stick your face too far into the stall. We are here to help show your story to the world.